John and Colleen are highschool sweethearts and live in upstate NY. Colleen is a stay at home mom, and John is an officer in the US Army. John is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Last January marked their 10 year (non wedding) anniversary.


The Munchkin is almost 8 months old. He is a very happy baby, and loves to smile at everyone. He generally only cries when he’s hungry…but he will not hesitate to let you know when it’s time for noms! The Munchkin loves to pet his pets, and is sure to be BFFs with Kipp when he’s older.


Stephanie WAS The Munchkin’s nanny. She came to the house M-F while Colleen was at work, but had to stop working as she got further along in her pregnancy. She has since had her baby, and we wish them all lots of luck. Stephanie is also an army wife. Her husband deployed to Iraq earlier this year.


Kipp is a little over a year old, and you can tell. She is the friendliest dog ever, and as endless energy. She loves meeting new people and dogs, although she prefers dogs that are smaller than her. Kipp doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and doesn’t mind it that Twilight bosses her around.


John got Twilight for Colleen as a Christmas present in 2003. Ergo, she was NOT named after the books/movies. Twilight is a fat cat who is set in her ways, and is ok with changes only as long as they don’t happen too suddenly or too loudly.  She is a big fan of Mommy hair.


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