Posted by: Colleen | March 10, 2011

Kipp in a Sweater

These pictures are not from today. Today, all of the snow has melted and the yard is a big muddy mess. I am not pleased. This means Kipp needs to be showered every time she goes out now. Blah.

The Munchkin and I have to run a lot of errands today, so I’m not sure if we’ll really do anything of interest. SO, here is Kipp in a sweater:

I got this sweater and a couple others super cheap (like, we’re talking $2.50 each cheap) at PetSmart a few weeks back. Yay end of season sales!

She wanted to go out, so I let her. I didn’t really think about snow sticking to the sweater, lol.

She didn’t mind it; just wanted to go back outside, but I took it off of her anyway so it could dry.

Hope the weather is nicer where you are!



  1. Here I thought all this time that Kipp was a boy! Well that explains the purple sweater! LOL

    Love those last two pictures!

    • Everyone thinks that because she is muscular and…has a boy’s name. But, that’s what the shelter named her, and we never changed it. We tried calling her Kit for a while, but it didn’t stick.

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