Posted by: Colleen | March 5, 2011

Crawling: Not Fun to Learn

Lately, I’ve been working with The Munchkin a lot more on his mobility. He didn’t like tummy time in the beginning, so it wasn’t a surprise that learning to crawl wasn’t high on his preferred list of games to play.

I would try to tempt him with a bottle, and it kind of worked, but he was still grumpy the whole time, and only moved via a combined army crawl/scootch maneuver.

After he had the bottle, (Note the bib is back on!) he was better, and willing to put some effort into crawling. Butt up…

Butt and chest up… Come on, baby! (I was cheering him and snapping pics the whole time, all while trying to keep Kipp out of my shot, lol!)

This one looks more impressive than it really is. While I would have loved to end this post with WE HAVE CRAWLING!!! this is actually him starting to roll over. 😦

Aaaaand, scene.



  1. Oh man, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He has such a tough and arduous life – no wonder he passed out at the end!

    • It really is tough! :p He actually didn’t pass out at the end; he just gave up and started to pout.

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