Posted by: Colleen | March 4, 2011

Lil’ Peeps Vintage Update

Thank you for indulging accidental “Colleen Week”. I know there has been a lot of “me” stuff going on, but I swear I’ll get back to The Munchkin posts this weekend. A girl’s gotta take time for herself, right?

First of all, I made my first sale yesterday, which was pretty great. The Munchkin and I went to the post office and sent the little Sailor Girl dress & hat off to it’s happy new home in California.

On Wednesday, my friend Corey Marie wrote up a nice blog entry about some projects/blogs/etc that her friends were doing, and she was sweet enough to include Lil’ Peeps Vintage in it!

Today, my 50s/60s “Diamond Friends Dress” was listed in an etsy treasury! I’ve never had anything listed in a treasury before, so this is very exciting for me. I can’t say I blame PugMug for including that dress; it is one of my favs.

EDiT: I need to keep up with my Google Reader; I missed this mention! Time to set up a Google Alert for Lil’ Peeps Vintage, y/y? My twitter friend, @WeeMasonsMom is always awesome at supporting me in whatever I do, and she wrote about the shop in her Featured Friday post. Thank you!
It’s been a busy week for my little shop. Now, I’m off to add a couple more items!


PS: I remade the wet bag giveaway post, because a lot of people DMed me on twitter and messaged me on facebook that they couldn’t comment. 😦 For some reason, it wouldn’t let people who had never commented on the blog before comment. So, if you wanted to enter to win the wet bag, please click here


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