Posted by: Colleen | February 16, 2011

Steppin’ Out Saturday

Yup, it’s a post about what I did on Saturday…on Wednesday. Deal with it, I’m posting again 😉 AND it’s been, like…a month since I’ve done one of these, and I took pictures, so I *have* to post them!

Last Saturday was the last day of 100.5 The Drive’s Drive for Miracles, which is their big annual charity event to raise money for Golissano Children’s Hospital. The last day is always at a mall, so the Munchkin and I headed out because it was a good excuse to go to the “fancy” mall, which is normally “too far away” from us, because it’s something like 10 min further away than the other two malls we frequent, lol.

The Munchkin was well behaved, as always, while we hung out and watched everyone work. We tweeted and facebooked updates on how much was needed, and what was eventually raised, (something like $46k that day, I think!) so thank you to anyone who might have seen the tweets and donated.

It was funny. Usually, the Munchkin is cool with just hanging out in his car seat and looking at the lights as we walk around, but there was so much going on, he had to sit up and take it all in. (And munch on my wallet after I made my donation… :-/)

On Mama:
Dress – from clothing swap
Cardigan – Forever 21
Belt – from another shirt
Leggings – JCPenny’s
Boots – thrifted
Headband – Claire’s

On Baby:
Hoodie – Christmas present
Pants & Socks – Walmart
Shoes – Marshall’s

Taken when we got home because I didn’t really get a good outfit shot at the mall. The Munchkin is that yellow mass. He was so sleepy when we got home!

I actually got a couple really cute things that I think you’ll be seeing in SOS’s really soon. I actually wore them already this week, but every oufit so far this week has been various shades of black…black/grey/white. Not cheery. It’s been an odd week, but things seem to be on the upswing, so hooray!


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