Posted by: Colleen | January 29, 2011

Seven Months Old!

The Munchkin is seven months old today!

This month he…

  • got better at sitting up on his own
  • had his 6 month doctor’s appointment, where he ranked in the 36% for weight and 76% for height
  • added pears, mixed veggies, peas, and peach cobbler to his list of food options
  • became a pro at rolling over, whether he starts on his back OR tummy
  • thought rolling around the room was a pretty hilarious form of transportation
  • discovered a love for rattles
  • figured out he could stick his foot in his mouth
  • began to regularly sleep through the night again (!!!!!!)
  • continued to need to be swaddles and use a pacifier to sleep more soundly…or at all (well, just the pacifier for “at all”)
  • continued to LOVE his puppy, and smile whenever he saw her
  • giggled a lot with his buddy Ryan at daycare (No, seriously, Ryan is always asleep in a bouncy chair when we get to daycare and I set The Munchkin is an exersaucer near him, and sometimes The Munchkin will lean over the edge a little and talk at him – so cute!)
  • enjoyed a super fun weekend with his Aunt Sami
  • started to poop regularly (yay!)
  • went back to Church, which figures because he also…
  • suffered from his second cold – new to today! 😦 (SIGH)

We love you Munchkin! Here’s to another great month!



  1. […] we used it to keep The Munchkin warm on our winter outing, and it made another appearance in his seventh monthday post. (I used the pillow that came with the blanket to prop up The Munchkin in his sled, lol.) It […]

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