Posted by: Colleen | January 27, 2011

Easy Week

Ah, this week has been so easy you guys. I waited until now to post because I didn’t want to jynx it, but at this point, even if I mess it up, I can catch up on sleep over the weekend.

I think The Munchkin has finally gotten over his post-cold slump. We’re finally back on a schedule, and he is finally back to sleeping through the night regularly. It is fantastic.

Every night this week has gone like this:

  • Get home
  • Feed the pets
  • Feed The Munchkin his fruit or veggies (opposite of whatever he had for lunch at daycare)
  • Put The Munchkin in his swing while he has a bottle of juice or formula
  • Fix and eat my own dinner while bottle is being had
  • Put laundry in
  • Bath baby as needed
  • Play on the ground until 8pm (tummy time, sitting up, practicing “walking”, playing with toys, etc)
  • Diaper change & PJs
  • Rock baby to sleep
  • Hang up and dry laundry
  • FREEDOM!!!

It might seem like a lot of stuff, but we’re only talking a time span of about 2 hours, so it really isn’t bad. So, you might be wondering…If I had all of this free time, why wasn’t I blogging? WELL! I took down and put away the Christmas decorations and I cleared out my craft room so that I can bring in only what I need/want over the weekend. (I find this method of organizing works better than trying to do it in a messy room…only thing is that you need a room that no on is going to use for a while to do it.) I also did nothing. I watched the State of the Union address. I live tweeted American Idol (oh no wait, that was last week…) and I went to bed early.

It’s been a pretty great week. Seriously, the highlight of my day is that time from whenever The Munchkin finishes his bottle to 8pm, because he just loves to roll around and laugh and smile. It’s the best.

PS: The ironic thing about this post is that we didn’t do any* of the above tonight. The Munchkin’s daycare closed early, and we’ve been on the go ever since. Buying cat food, getting his monthly photos taken, buying The Munchkin more toys, going to the mall to visit my friends at a radio station remote, picking up my engagement ring from the repair place…busy, busy!

PPS: Don’t forget you can still join BDL!

*Well, except for the feeding of the people & pets and the getting ready for bed stuff, obviously.



  1. Yay for a great week!!!

    I LOVE his little dragon toes!! Too cute!!!

    • Thank you! I love them too!

  2. LOVE his pants!!!! So stinkin cute. Wish my Lil Man would give himself his own bottle but that just must not be his thing, LOL.

    BTW got your comments on my blog ❤ Thanks 😉


    • We worked for a long time with him, starting when he was really little, to get him to do that. Now, he reaches for any kind of bottle, lol. Soda bottle, juice, water…he wants a drink!

      My friend Julie was having a beer while we were hanging out one night, and he reached for that too!

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