Posted by: Colleen | January 21, 2011

So Amazing

The Munchkin slept through the night you guys. I can’t tell you how amazing this is. He hasn’t been able to do that since he was hit with the plague last month. I have all of this energy. I feel so awesome, I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel full of…hope, if that makes any sense. I want to accomplish so much this weekend. I am so motivated right now. Oh, sleep, how I have missed you! I hope this sticks around.

I never really wrote about it, but every since The Munchkin got sick, he wouldn’t stay asleep for more than three hours, and would need to be given a bottle or cuddled to fall back asleep… or, he just wouldn’t fall asleep. It’s been a round couple of months-ish.

BUT THAT IS OVER NOW! Here is my list of what I want to accomplish this weekend. It is realistically way too long, but that is what I mean by FILLED WITH HOPE. OMG.

  • Do all of my dishes. ALL OF THEM!
  • Put away the Christmas decorations. Yes, they are still up. (Fail!)
  • Clean off all of the table surfaces
  • Arrange vintage Pyrex display on Grandma’s sewing machine once Christmas tree has been put away
  • Go to the mall and see why the hell my ring hasn’t been fixed yet. (Or call)
  • Go to Target and buy dog food
  • Go to Church (I haven’t been since the plague)
  • Get vacuum working
  • Get wireless router working
  • Do MY laundry (I have been slacking on this, which actually has turned into some cool wardrobe remixes as I get down to the wire.)
  • Do The Munchkin’s laundry
  • Sew some kind of apron, because…

Sometimes, baby food spills. Mommy needs a lap bib!




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