Posted by: Colleen | January 19, 2011

American Idol, Whaaat?

The Munchkin fell asleep on the ride home from daycare, and is still asleep, so I figured I’d settle in and watch the first episode of season 10 of American Idol. I normally don’t watch the show, but the auditions are always fun, and I was curious how Steven Tyler and J-Lo would be as judges. I also made comments about the show on twitter, and enjoyed seeing other people’s reactions thanks to the hashtags.

I was very amused that the furbabies joined me on the couch and watched the show too. More amusing, is that I found another photo in my stash of them doing the same thing. Creatures of habit.

When I was about to go to bed, John signed on. I am still not used to the no hair. 😦 It’s always nice to talk to him though.


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