Posted by: Colleen | January 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland

As a rare treat this time of year, the sun was out today, and my sister wanted to take some “winter” pictures, so we went to Highland Park to take some. It was actually pretty funny because we only decided this at like 2:00, and it starts to get dark at 4:30ish, and we weren’t even ready for the day, let alone did we have the diaper bad packed, or The Munckin dressed for cold weather, or even a sled purchased to drag him around in. So, we scrambled, and managed to get to the park a little before 4:00.

There was this super big hill right across from where we parked that people were sledding down, and Sami (my sister) climbed down it a little bit with Kipp, but then came back up. I said that the people would probably let her borrow their sled for a trip, but she said that it was way too steep, lol.

It ended up working out, because it was 19 degrees out today, and we didn’t stay there much longer than 15 or 20 minutes. Sami was waaaay too cold, and I was worried about The Munckin, even though he was so bundled up you could barely see him! Kipp had a blast though! She was pulling on the leash so hard that my sister almost couldn’t contain her. Therefore, I had Kipp most of the time, and she had The Munchkin.

I love how everything in winter looks blue, ha. The sun should hang out more often.



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