Posted by: Colleen | January 10, 2011

Quiet Baby

Edit 1/11/11 morning – gah I never published this???? UGH late night blogging. (Also, I added the pics I couldn’t edit last night!)

This isn’t the picture I wanted to post here, but as you can see, I have a sleeping baby on my left arm (which is also asleep, thankyouverymuch) so photo editing isn’t in the cards tonight. Fingers crossed I can edit them at work tomorrow!

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I was feeling weird when I got home. Kind of tense, but also unexplainably uneasy. Just weird. Maybe it’s because when I got home, it was more rush rush rush. Take The Munchkin out of his bear suit v2, put him in crib, let the dog out, feed the cat, put load of diapers in wash, make The Munchkin a bottle, retrieve now crying baby from crib & give bottle, rock baby to sleep, gently put baby back in crib, check webcam settings to make sure cam is broadcasting (what? that’s not on your list?), let dog in, put away dishes, feed dog, talk to MIL on phone while washing first load of dishes, start dinner, feed dog AGAIN because she’s really hungry, put clothes in dryer/line dry, start second load of wash, start second load of dishes, eat dinner, sit at dining room table and finally tackle “new years” cards.

Did ya get all that? It wasn’t until I was half way through with the cards that I started to calm down. I noticed that my handwriting was sloppy, and I messed up some names and had to start over, and all of my notes started to sound like yearbook signings, and I realized I was doing it to just get it done. Which isn’t the point. So I slooowed down, thought about things to say, and took my time. Surprise, surprise, I started to really enjoy it. Even when I realized that I made two cards to an online friend I just laughed it off. If I had noticed that 30 min earlier, it probably would have made me really mad.

I have two left of my nifty Shutterfly cards and I don’t know who to send them to. I already have one going to John and one to keep, plus the outside of one that I messed up on, so what should I do with these last two? *shrugs*

Once The Munchkin woke up, I gave him another bottle, and then we had some play time. Since he had just eaten, we stuck to mostly on-the-back-maybe-on-the-side play. Something seemed wrong, but I just figured he was still groggy from waking up. He didn’t seem to wake up though… my normally smiley baby only perked up when he got some prunes later. Once he was done eating, he was back to blah. I hope The Munchkin’s not getting sick again. He seems to be coughing more, but I’ve been hoping that it’s still that virus just finishing up. We’ll see.

Daycare notes:

  • Breakfast: Rice cereal
  • Lunch: Pears
  • Bottles: 9:20 (4oz), 12:30 (4oz), 3:15 (4oz), 5:00 (3oz)
  • Nap from 2:25 – 3:05
  • Diapers: 9:10 (w), 11:30 (bm), 1:30 (w), 3:15 (w), 5:45 (w)

Ugh, my arm is sort of sore now from one-hand typing. Weird day, all around.



  1. Look forward to receiving one of those holiday photo cards 🙂

    • Sami should have brought it home with her yesterday. 🙂

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