Posted by: Colleen | January 9, 2011

Weekly Reading: #6

I am a big believer in encouraging kids to read. For my baby shower, I asked guests to bring a book along with whatever else they were going to bring, his Grandma P signed him up for a Dr. Seuss book club, AND my co-workers got him more books at my surprise work baby shower. The Munchkin has quite the little library going in his nursery!

Books we read this (last?) week:

  • “I Was so Mad” by Mercer Mayer (ISBN #0-307-11939-4)
  • “Oh, Bother! Someone Won’t Share!” by Betty Birney
  • Lion book by SoftPlay Inc (Cloth book, no ISBN number)


  1. Excuse me while I shake my head in awe that that book still has it’s pages intact.

    We’ve definitely reached the “books are for trying to destroy” stage. No more library books for us! *sigh*

    • Aw, that’s so sad! I don’t know what I’m going to do once The Munchkin gets to that stage!

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