Posted by: Colleen | January 6, 2011

Little Sitter

How many of you read that subject line wrong, huh? …huh? :p

We had to go to Target today to buy Kipp some food, and on a whim, I decided to see if The Munchkin could sit up in carts, since he’s been kinda sorta sitting up on his own. I’m sure it was mostly the seat belt, but look at that! He’s sitting up! In a cart! Made me wish I brought my cart cover, but The Munchkin was good and didn’t try to eat the handle bar or anything. Maybe because he was fascinated with my new purse… As is always the case when I go anywhere for something, I came home with tons of other stuff. *sigh* I picked up this nice “family” frame, a belt, and some robot silverware & plates for The Munchkin, since his doctor said he could start trying out puffs since he was doing so well with his food. (!!!)

Today was his 6 month check up, and he weights 17lbs, which is only the 36th% for his age. His doctor wasn’t worried though, and said that it was different from when he was little.* She said that I didn’t need to make him eat more, but gave me tips on little things I could do to help him poop more. Apparently 6 month olds are supposed to have one to THREE poops a day?!?!?! Not The Munchkin, that’s for sure. :-/

Daycare notes:

  • Breakfast: rice cereal
  • Lunch: prunes
  • Bottles: 9:00 (4oz), 11:30 (1oz), 1:00 (4oz), 5:10 (4oz)
  • Naps from 11:40 – 12:00 & 3:40 – 5:00
  • Diapers: 8:50 (w), 10:50 (w), 12:40 (w), 5:00 (w)
  • Additional comments: “Left @ 1:20, returned at 3:40”

Walk to Afghanistan steps: 4,336

*For the first month of The Munchkin’s life, he either wasn’t on the chart at all, or was barely. He would gain weight, and then lose it, and this is what (among other things) eventually made us switch from BFing to formula.



  1. My son is pretty low on the chart for weight, too (although he doesn’t look skinny to me). He’s really tall, but he’s not even 16 lbs. yet at seven months. Oh, and three a day?! I’m so glad that is NOT the norm in our house! (Especially with solid foods now… ew.)

  2. […] his 6 month doctor’s appointment, where he ranked in the 36% for weight and 76% for […]

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