Posted by: Colleen | December 26, 2010

Steppin’ Out Saturday

This Steppin’ Out Saturday is brought to you Christmas! I admit now, the stockings were a bit much. They are way too busy for the dress, and I should have just stuck with the black ones under the white lace ones, but then I thought it was too much black for Christmas. Oh well. I should have really just worn my plain grey ones, but I didn’t think of that until just now. STOCKING DRAMA!

I love this dress. I got it for $5 on the 23rd from Charlotte Russe. 😀 And, I guess these boots are my official winter boots, huh? Seems like I wear them all the time now. You’ll note a lack of a tiny tot in this pic, and it’s because I took these pictures while The Munchkin was napping. Napping Munchkin also means… MAKEUP!

Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup sent me some makeup to try in exchange for a little write up on the blog. They sent me:

  • 2 oz. Ancient Elixir Setting Spray
  • Foundation
  • 2 Eye Shadows
  • Super Soft Focus (Sunscreen)
  • Brushes

I used the foundation (which I actually thought was a powder… I used liquid foundation under my eyes & on a couple zits) eye shadows, and the setting spray. I love love love mineral makeup in general because it lasts a long time. Some may bawk at the prices (or is that just me?) but it’s worth it because you really don’t need much to get good coverage, which means that it takes a while to use up. They are usually made up of better ingredients too, hence the higher price tag. Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup products in particular are formulated to have only the finest natural ingredients – no fillers or chemicals – making them perfect for all skin types – even problem skin. Awesome, right? I have dry skin, so powdery stuff can sometimes make my skin dry & flake out (boooo) but this stuff didn’t.

I went pretty subtle on the eyes because I was just going to my cousins. I was a little weary of the darker shadow at first because it seemed SO. DARK. (I’ll take pictures of the items later.) but it really wasn’t! How do you think it looked? <- Click the link to see my pretty eyes. I really liked the makeup they sent me.

The Munchkin wore the same thing that he did during his Breakfast with Santa. (Yes, I back blogged. What?) I actually meant for him to wear this cute outfit my MIL bought him, and that other outfit for just the car ride (what if his diaper had leaked in the 1.5 hour drive to my cousins???) but I forgot it at home. 😦 The diaper didn’t leak, so he wore this the whole time. He wore the cuter outfit while we opened presents (the pictures from yesterday’s post weren’t from the 24th.) so I guess that’s something. I didn’t take any photos of us opening presents though, because I was video taping, talking to John over the webcam, and doing the actual opening myself! I’ll have to stage some later.

On Mama:
Dress – Charlotte Russe
Shirt – Some department store when I was in college (heh)
Makeup – Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup
Black tights – Target
White (mistake) tights – Charlotte Russe
Boots – Thrifted
Headband that you can’t really see – Claire’s

End rating for the makeup: 4.9 out of 5 hearts!
I really liked the makeup. I thought that it went on smoothly and covered nicely. The setting spray (which I don’t think I wrote about in the post) was neat. I doubted how a liquid could possibly KEEP makeup on my face, but you know what? Hours later that eyeshadow was still there, which is amazing. Normally my eyes absorb it before I even get to where ever I’m going. And, the spray was kind of refreshing! The only critique I have is for the labels on the bottom of the jars. I think they should have stuck to a standard font, like veranda, or arial, or helvetica or something because the font they did use (brush stroke maybe?) was a little hard to read. But, that’s just the graphic designer in me. Actual product – fab!

PS: Oooh, I just found a pic of The Munchkin in the cute outfit! You can’t see the top, but it’s something!


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