Posted by: Colleen | December 11, 2010

Steppin’ Out Saturday

This Steppin’ Out Saturday is brought to you by Breakfast with Santa. My friend Christine is a cheerleading coach, and the night before the breakfast, her camera broke, so The Munchkin and I went as photographer elves. We were planning on going anyway so I could get a picture with Santa, but this gave me an excuse to dress like an elf! Or, my version of an elf based on things I already owned. :p

The Munchkin was so cute for his first time meeting Santa. He wasn’t afraid or anything, just fascinated with Christine’s Dad’s Santa’s beard. He was even willing to sit in Santa’s lap! (not pictured)

On Mamma:
Green sweater – from Peeble’s moving out sale
Red dress – Anthropologie
Earrings & Tights – Hm..not sure, actually
Boots – Thrifted
Santa hat – from MIL (you can’t ever see the point though in these pics, lol)
Baby carrier – Moby

On Baby:
Vintage?/80s? Mickey Christmas onesie – thrifted
Shoes – Walmart



  1. […] Munchkin wore the same thing that he did during his Breakfast with Santa. (Yes, I back blogged. What?) I actually meant for him to wear this cute outfit my MIL bought him, […]

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