Posted by: Colleen | December 6, 2010

Crafty Christmas Crunch!

Yay! My tutorial (originally posted over at my now-on-hiatus crafting blog) for infant leg warmers was posted in My Crafty Mom’s Crafty Christmas Crunch Gallery! I made these over the summer for The Munchkin, but I bought a couple more pairs of socks to make him some for Christmas. A different kind of argyle and some cloud socks. So cute!

Do you have a Christmas craft that you want submitted in the gallery? I think My Crafty Mom’s still collecting submissions, so check out the site and contact her!

Happy crafty Christmas!

PS: It’s snowing on my blog! 😀



  1. THANKS so so much for the GREAT tutorial! and for helping out with the Crafty Christmas Crunch!!! I love this project! Still haven’t found the time to make a few pairs yet, but it’s on my wish-list!

    Thanks also for touching base with me, and for the link to Prudent Baby. Glad to have you as a fellow crafty, mom-blogger!!! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll find more time for crafting in the new year! xoxox

    • You’re welcome! I would love to help out next year!

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