Posted by: Colleen | December 5, 2010

Steppin’ Out Sunday

This Steppin’ Out Saturday Sunday is brought to you by The Munchkin’s baptism. All of my cleaning was a success, because by the time my cousin started to get affected by the pet hair, we had to leave anyway. Whoo!

It was snowing steadily all day, which made me nervous, because all of the family I had coming was coming from over an hour away, and the snow was worse where they live. But, everyone made it, even if they were a little late. (Just for the mass part, not the baptism part, so…win?) My friend Cristina and her new baby (just a few weeks younger than The Munchkin!) came too. It was so nice to see them again! I hadn’t seen her baby since he was born.

The Munchkin was so good! He actually slept through the first part of the ceremony, waking up just before it was time for the Holy water. It was pretty cute too, he woke up, looked at me, looked around, smiled, saw the pastor, and was like “Oh, hey. Hi!” He didn’t make a peep when the water was put on his head; just went with the flow. Awesome baby.

After that part was done, they lead us to a different part of the alter and presented me (The Munchkin?) with gifts: a hand knit blanket (yellow to support the troops?), a medallion, and a certificate. They also gave me a baptism candle with the date on it. Very nice.

So that was our Steppin’ Out Sunday!

On Mama:
Dress – Debs maybe? I don’t remember
Sweater – Forever 21
Shoes – Payless

On Baby:
White suit – Sears (gift from my cousin Noreen)
Socks & Shoes – Walmart

One more thing! Because of all the snow, I thought it was time to bring out his winter suit…problem is, it doesn’t fit yet! Whoops! Luckily, Noreen also brought him a winter suit, that is a lot like his bear suit, but the next size up. Thank you, Noreen!

Walk to Afghanistan steps: I didn’t wear the pedometer today. 😦


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