Posted by: Colleen | December 4, 2010

Staying in Saturday

There was no stepping out today, no sir. I had a LOT of cleaning to do since my cousin will be coming over tomorrow for The Munchkin’s baptism and she is allergic to pets. So I have to get the place as clean as possible so she can make it more than 5 minutes without puffing out.

I dusted, I swept, I clean the bathroom, I did dishes, and laundry. I took a pet hair remover sticky roller thing to the slip-covered couch. I did everything I could except vacuum, which will be done tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’s enough!

I also decorated for Christmas! I’ll take better pictures when it’s light though; everything is yellowy now. How did I manage to do all of this with The Munchkin home all day? The power of naps and Snow White on DVD. He was CAPTIVATED by the magic mirror, lol.

And now, I sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow!

Walk to Afghanistan steps: 4,268 (I only started at 3pm.)



  1. Ornament on tree looks nice. I meant to buy some clear nail polish and go over the back so that the message would be preserved. Glad to hear the Christening went well.

    • Oooh, I’ll have to do that. Good thought!

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