Posted by: Colleen | December 1, 2010

Walk to Afghanistan

As a morale thing, John’s brigade is having a “Walk to Afghanistan,” where we count our steps every day, and add them up every month as a task force. I didn’t find out about it until last month, so I didn’t start walking until today. Here is a little exert from the official email:

This is a Brigade sponsored event that is intended to help boost morale from the beginning to the end of this deployment. It is strictly a voluntary event for all interested in helping our Task Force log the 6,526 miles to Afghanistan. Registered Individuals log their own miles and any miles from relatives of the deployed soldier who wish to register and join in on the challenge. Monthly, individuals will turn in their miles and then they will be totaled as a Task Force and forwarded on to Brigade to track our progress.

I forget how many steps equals a mile and whatnot, but my new pedometer tells me that I’ve walked 2,794 steps from the time I left for work to the time The Munchkin went to bed. Not bad for someone with a desk job, right?

They’re having a competition too; task force against task force, so of course I had to join in! Go 6-6! Because I don’t live on post, I miss a lot of the get-togethers, (Although some are in the middle of the day anyway, so I’d miss those because I work…wtf army?) so it’s nice to be able to participate in something.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to add a step count to the bottom of my entries. Mom & Daphne – did you guys decide if you were going to do this too?



  1. I’m totally going to go out and buy a cheapy pedometer and join you guys :o)

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, only spouses and parents (of soldier and spouse) can officially participate, but you’re more than welcome to walk along in spirit!

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