Posted by: Colleen | November 29, 2010

Five Months Old!

The Munchkin is 5 months old today!

This month he…

  • actually out grew, without a shadow of a doubt, his size small fitted diapers
  • started wearing size 2 baby shoes (I think…he’s on the 3rd biggest size. Are 0 and NB the same size? If not, then he’s in size 1 baby shoes.)
  • really started to (almost) get the hand of holding a bottle
  • figured out how to arch his back & loves to do so
  • figured out that if he arches his back when the bottle is almost empty, then he doesn’t have to lift his arms up to finish his meal. (Lazy baby!)
  • started to babble a lot more
  • began to smile at people on the other end of the webcam chat
  • giggled his first legit giggle (I think it was this month anyway)
  • continues to be exclusively formula fed, except for when we give him juice to help him poop
  • was still a flirt
  • joined Mommy at work for two days and was an EXCELLENT baby!
  • really began to take an interest in Kipp & Twilight
  • got his own laptop
  • started to roll over…but only on his side (except for that one time)
  • stopped hating tummy time right from the start of the session (He’ll make it a few minutes before starting to complain.)
  • found out that he loves pulling Mommy’s hair & glasses
  • started grabbing his feet a lot more, and not just while naked
  • BEGAN TO REGULARLY SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. I haven’t really posted about that, but it is amazing.

We love you Munchkin! Here’s to another great month!


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