Posted by: Colleen | November 27, 2010

Steppin’ Out Saturday

This SOS is brought to you by “OMG ITS MORNING WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE VET!!!” Sometimes, combine my love of sleep with my still not quite being used to The Munchkin sleeping through the night (I still make plans to do things as 3am, and then am mad when I sleep right through it) and I sometimes I wake up later than I’d like to. This happened today.

I like these sunglasses because they were $5 and they’re big enough to hide the fact that I’m wearing my regular glasses underneath them!

Normally, I don’t plan for things on Saturday morning, but this was the earliest the vet could squeeze Twilight in, so we had to go. She has a bald spot on her neck, which the vet decided was probably just an allergic reaction to flea bites. (Yuck) Now Twilight has medicine, and I have a lot of laundry/vacuuming to do.

So today, we have an outfit that I probably shouldn’t have worn out of the house. It was conceptualized in my brain, and worn because I didn’t have time to think of something new. My skinny jeans now fit like jeggings. For shame, Colleen. And the hat hides my dirty hairs.

On Mama:
coat – sears
scarf – Burberry (the real deal!)
hat – thrifted
tee – target
pants & sweater – walmart
boots – payless

On Baby:
coat & hat – Old Navy
sweat suit – Carter’s
onesie – target
shoes & socks – walmart



  1. Love It! You both look very cute! The scarf goes so well with your coat!

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