Posted by: Colleen | November 26, 2010

Weekly Reading: Week 3

I am a big believer in encouraging kids to read. For my baby shower, I asked guests to bring a book along with whatever else they were going to bring, his Grandma P signed him up for a Dr. Seuss book club, AND my co-workers got him more books at my surprise work baby shower. The Munchkin has quite the little library going in his nursery!

Books we’ve read this week:

  • “Dreams” a Yo Gabba Gabba board book from Taco Bell. Just ask for the kids under 3 toy!
  • “Little Suzy’s Zoo: Rainy Day Friends” by Nancy Parent (ISBN #978-1-4037-9596-0)
  • “Disney Animal Friends: One to Ten with Animal Friends”
  • “Disney Animal Friends: Best Pals”
  • “The Tiny Tadpole” by Judith Nicholls (ISBN #978-0-439-02152-4)
  • “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!” by Dr. Seuss (ISBN #978-0-375-85794-2)


  1. I had totally planned on reading Mason at LEAST two books a day from birth. He has an ever growing book collection that I’m adding to all the time. But I’m HORRIBLE at actually reading them to him, much to my shame. Reason why? I never get past page two and he’s trying to tear the book out of my hand and chew on it and when I try to continue on, he begins to scream and thrash because, god forbid, I’m not letting him eat the book. So right now, he has a bunch of books that are his designated chew toys and that’s about all the action we’re getting in the reading department. Total mommy fail….

  2. I let the Munchkin pat at the books, and hold onto the edges, but not pull them. We’re mostly using board books at this point though, so I’m not too worried about them. Maybe it’s not a problem because he’s younger than Mason?

    What if you gave him something else to chew on? And let him help you hold the book? That seems to work with The Munchkin.

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