Posted by: Colleen | November 26, 2010

Black Friday, Indeed

– I woke up late (4:15 instead of 3am)
– The Munchkin and I got to the mall by 5am
+ We still got my snow globe
+ Mom & Daphne got extras too, so The Munchkin can start his own collection (who wants to give me their extra???)
+ I got some really good deals on sweaters for John
– I found out he can’t wear civys over there.
– Some lady at yelled at me for bringing The Munchkin shopping with me & for carrying him in my Moby, saying that I should have a helmet on him for “As many times as he’s going to get bumped into today.” Um, what lady? I’m on my way out, and the early birds aren’t crazy like you. The Munchkin was fine at all times. Ugh.
STEPHANIE GAVE NOTICE. Her doctor put her on bed rest. Next week is her last week. I am so screwed.
– The daycare center didn’t pick up the phone when I called them to see if they had an opening

The actual weekend has to be good, right???



  1. I will give you the extra globe – we got it for you anyway 😀
    That rude woman must have been visiting from Boca – LOL I’ve seen ALOT of rudeness this Holiday season….GEEZE what happened to Good Will Toward All Men? and to babies in Mobies???

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaay extra globe!

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