Posted by: Colleen | November 24, 2010

Four Day Weekend FTW

Don’t worry – I removed the bottle and moved him to his crib after I snapped the photo.

Work was hellish, just hellish. I have never seen myself like that. So stressed. I had no short term memory what so ever. I could just accomplish the task at hand and move on to the next one. And then we had a fire drill, delaying our office from closing early.

I don’t want to talk about it. I’m just glad the four day weekend has started.

Stephanie Notes:

  • Bottles: 8:12(3oz), 9:30(2oz), 12:02(4oz), 3:16(2oz), 4:18(1oz)
  • Naps from 9:57 – 11:06 & 12:49 – 1:36
  • Diapers: 8:00(w), 11:10(w), 12:00(w/bm), 3:10(w/bm)
  • Tummy time: 4 sessions
  • Neck stretches: 2 sessions

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