Posted by: Colleen | November 22, 2010

Someone Doesn’t Want to Sleep!

I finally back-blogged Thursday, Friday, and the weekend. Scroll down to see the entries mixed in with the ones I had scheduled to pop up. I’ve been working on these since about 6:30… It’s almost 11:30 now. Someone didn’t want to go to sleep for the night!

I thought I was going to have a easy peasy night, because The Munchkin decided he was tired at 6:30, and was still asleep at 8:00. I was able to eat dinner, edit photos, get one entry done…and then he woke up.

He wouldn’t sit still, didn’t want to be played with… I was able to calm him down (calm the figity, he wasn’t really crying or anything) with a burp and the baby laptop, and then we watched youtube videos of other babies when he got tired of that. He LOVES other babies; finds them fascinating.

Then his bedtime came. And went. And he would have no part in it. My usually easy to put to bed baby was wiiiiide awake. Eventually, I just have up and put him in his crib. I didn’t understand how he could be yawning and rubbing his eyes, but have no interest in going to sleep. I figured I’d let him cry it out, even though he was just sitting there.

Downstairs, I could hear him call out on the monitor. It was his “Mommy? Moooommy? You’re not playng with me…” cry-talk. I let him be, because it would fade in and out. Eventually, it stopped, and I thought he’d fallen asleep. Then, I heard the familiar clinking of the toys my MIL got him for the side of his crib. What the? How can he be playing with those? I didn’t put him near the toys?

My little gymnast managed to turn himself around so he could reach the toys. Clever, clever. Anyone know of crib bumpers that don’t go all the way around the crib? Or does anyone know if the breathable ones are worth it? I worry about his head if he’s going to go after those toys like that.

Stephanie Notes: (BTW, Stephanie came back today!)

  • Bottles: 9:15 (2oz), 10:15 (2oz juice), 11:50 (4oz), 2:04 (2oz), 4:40 (2oz)
  • Naps from 9:42 – 10:13 & 12:30 – 1:09
  • Diapers: 8:52 (w), 10:40 (w), 11:37 (bm), 1:15 (w), 3:00 (w), 5:30 (w)
  • Tummy time: 4 sessions
  • Neck stretches: 4 sessions

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