Posted by: Colleen | November 18, 2010

Office Baby: Day One

Stephanie texted me last night at like 11:30, telling me that she broke her tooth on an Air Head (of all things) and wouldn’t be in in the morning. I called her and she said that she was going to the dentist the next day at 7:15. We figured they would just glue her tooth back together and she’d be able to watch The Munchkin after lunch. Um, we were wrong.

At 7:30 the next morning, she texted me saying that she still hadn’t been in to see the dentist, and I texted my boss to see if she would prefer I bring The Munchkin in, or work from home. I didn’t hear back from her, so I got us ready to go. While I was driving to work, my boss texted me back saying that I didn’t have to worry about it. Grumble grumble. Since I was already on my way, and her reply wasn’t really a clear answer as to whether I had to come in or not (Did she mean don’t worry, don’t come in, or don’t worry about bringing the baby in??) I kept going. This ended up being the right choice, because WHOO was I ever busy at work.

The Munchkin was a trooper though! He would sit on my lap and hit my hand, “helping” me move the mouse, and he would try to type, but he’d only get as far as the wrist-rest thing. As you can see, I have a duel monitor set up, so I was able to play Yo Gabba Gabba youtube videos in one, and work in the other. It ended up being a fantastic set up. I love all of the popular bands doing kids songs, so fun! One of my favs was one by The Roots:


The Munchkin was really good all day. My boss even forgot that he was there, lol! And he was very good for morale. Everyone who popped into my office gushed when they saw him. When it was time for his naps, I would put him in his bouncy chair under my desk because it is darker under there. If anyone came in while he was napping, they would be like “Where’s the baby?!” and laugh when I’d point under my desk.

Stephanie is in too much pain to watch him tomorrow. (They had to pull out the tooth, and they couldn’t give her novocaine because of her pregnancy, ouch!) Luckily, my boss said I could bring him back to work, yay! Although, working while watching a baby all day is EXHAUSTING.


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