Posted by: Colleen | November 14, 2010

New Trick!

The Munchkin has this fun amazing trick where when I leave him alone to “cry it out,” he kicks his legs so much that he moves himself to the head of the crib! It’s so awesome because if he happens to be swaddled, he’ll break out of it and it sometimes lands on his face! What’s great about that is that he won’t even get sleepy without the swaddle, and won’t fall asleep if I’m in the room, so I have to listen to him scream and then rush up to his room once he stops crying (read: falls asleep) and check to make sure everything is in place, all while crossing my fingers that this series of actions doesn’t wake him up!

THE ABOVE IS HOPEFULLY OBVIOUS SARCASM, FOLKS. The Munchkin had better grow out of this habit quickly because it freaks. me. out. Has anyone else’s kids gone through this stage? I don’t know why he’s so angry about sleeping alone all of a sudden. He’s even back to kicking off his socks again. He hasn’t been like that since he was brought home from the hospital.



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