Posted by: Colleen | November 13, 2010

Army Wife, Army Life

John IMed me on facebook this morning saying that he was ok. I was confused at first, like…”why wouldn’t you be?” and he told me that he base had been attacked! Buh, that was not what I wanted to hear. He was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it yet, but his day ends as mine (on the weekend anyway) begins-ish. It was 11am for me…I hadn’t watched any news or seen anything on facebook. I had sat in bed and tryed to get S to go back to sleep, ha.

I guess I’m glad that I found out from him and that I found out by getting it out of the way that he’s ok, but yikes. Not something I want to think about. 😦 Once he got offline, I called our parents and posted the article I linked above to facebook so everyone else would know.

And now I’m posting this. Stay safe, John.


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