Posted by: Colleen | November 10, 2010

Office Baby

I was all settled in, eating my dinner while The Munchkin played, when I remembered this important project that was due tomorrow morning that I didn’t finish yet. UGH. So I packed up The Munchkin and we went to the office. We must have been quite the sight! I had my hippie ruck (picture) on my back, The Munchkin in the Moby on my front, and I was carrying his bouncy chair in case he wanted to sleep. In my hippie ruck, I carried the following:

  • 2 diapers
  • changing pad & wipes
  • change of clothes
  • 3 swaddle blankets (1 for him & 2 like burp clothes)
  • regular blanket
  • Johnny Jump-Up
  • play mat
  • bear hat
  • my wallet, cell phone, and keys
  • magical musical seahorse

Not bad, right?! When we first got to work, I put everything in my office and took him on a little walk. He seemed to like it, and was looking all around. I didn’t expect anyone to be there, but Bob Lonsberry was there and when we walked by his office, he asked if he could see The Munchkin. So I went in there and we had a nice little chat before I excused myself to go back to my office and actually get my work done.

While I was working, The Munchkin hung out in the Jump-Up (I had to put a box under his feet so he could reach the ground, lol) or “helped” me work by sitting on my lap and trying to reach the keyboard. We sung along to my Beatles station on Pandora, and all in all it wasn’t a bad night. He went to bed right at 9:30, and I was able to quickly finish up my work.

Stephanie Notes:

  • Bottles: 8:15 (4oz), 9:30 (4oz juice), 11:40 (4oz), 2:00 (2oz), 3:30 (4oz juice), 4:45 (2oz)
  • Naps from 9:50 – 10:26, 12:30 – 1:26, and 5:44 – 6:05
  • Diapers: 10:30 (w), 1:30 (w), 2:45 (w), 4:00 (bm), 5:30 (w/bm)
  • Tummy time: 4 sessions
  • Neck stretches: 3 sessions

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