Posted by: Colleen | November 7, 2010

Weekend Wonderland

My shy guy.

Ah, the weekend. I love you so.

I need to remember to do Steppin’ Out Saturday, because otherwise I’m just going to sit around the house in my pajamas. Not that getting dressed would have done anything this particular Saturday, but still. The Munchkin was acting really weird. He kept eating and eating, then sleeping and sleeping. I wasn’t able to get anything done. Well, I guess I could have done stuff while he was sleeping, but he would take these short naps, and I would have had to keep stopping, which is a total motivation killer. So I didn’t even bother.

I started him on juice in the afternoon because I thought maybe he couldn’t sleep because he was constipated. I had though that since he’d pooped Wed-Fri, he was back to being regular. WRONG! Here it is Sunday, and he hasn’t pooped, despite all the juice. *sigh* If he doesn’t go tomorrow, I’m calling his doctor. Weird thing was that he wasn’t really fussy or anything, just kind of uncomfortable. Maybe. I could be making that up. He seemed distracted. We played and read, and he kept staring at the lap top. Eventually, I let him type:

YGHV C FFFJK;QO9IKM T`GHQ0(<>IIAAAD9IKM SWFRS T4DEW@z,78hmn nbhc45rtgfd2:54 PM 11/6/2010sxdxcftvvb 4r c bnf,

It actually was a lot longer, but he kept highlighting it and erasing it when he’d type some more. He had a lot of fun until he took the “tab” button off, and then his fun was over. 😉

The Munchkin slept pretty well; only waking up once. I was worried because of the short little naps he took all day, plus daylight savings time. Especially when he woke up, downed his bottle and didn’t look the least bit tired. I sighed and carried him into my room and put him in the bed with me. He immediately smiled and closed his eyes. I think the little sneak planned it that way! Could it be that he’s trained ME??? Whatever, because he stayed asleep until 7:45, old 8:45. I think he would have slept more, except that Kipp started to walk around on the bed.

Our big activity was going to Church for his first time. We went to the 9:45 “contemporary” mass, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to get there at 9:30 so I could find parking, so of course I didn’t leave the house until 9:40. :-/ Good thing we live so close. When I got there, there were plenty of spots and people walking into the Church, whew! I guess a lot of people skip the contemporary mass? Or maybe it is just a small congregation? Who knows. I spoke with Pastor Wilk, who married John and I, about getting The Munchkin baptized and he’s going to get back to me with available dates. Everyone thought The Munchkin was so cute and they all complimented my Moby, and oohed and ahhed when The Munchkin fell asleep in it. Hug hold FTW!

After Church, we went to Walmart to get some things and to have a photo taken of The Munchkin. I joined their smile club, so I get a free 8×10 whenever I want, no strings attached. Crazy right? They might regret that rule when I show up every month. :p

The Munchkin was much happier today than yesterday, and took his normal naps. We played, and read, and all in all, it was a good day.


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