Posted by: Colleen | November 6, 2010

Hipster Baby

Every year, my friends hold “Friendsgiving,” which is just like Thanksgiving, except it’s the weekend before hand, and there is a theme. Last year was my first year going, and the theme was “ugly sweater party.” This year, the theme is “hipster,” and 17 people are expected to show! I’m bringing the potato side… I wonder how much I should make!

I did some research yesterday, got bored today and decided to see what kind of hipster outfits I could make out of The Munchkin’s wardrobe.

  • Goofy (read: adorable) hat
  • Plastic-rimmed shades (would be better if they were white though)
  • Pointless scarf
  • “Ironic” t-shirt with a tie on it
  • Cardigan (not pictured… I figured he was warm enough)
  • Pants that don’t really match
  • Skull shoes (should be worn w/o socks)
  • Complete indifference to the things going on around him because he’s too busy drinking – CHECK

Something about that wasn’t quite right though, so I set out to see what else I could put together while S napped. Here are his other options:


  • Sweater
  • Hat (worn with brim turned up)
  • Plastic-rimmed shades
  • Tight, cuffed pants
  • Slip on plaid shoes w/o socks

  • Cardigan
  • Tee with vintage cartoon character on it
  • Denim shorts (would be better if they were cut offs, but I’m not ruining his shorts even if it’s too cold for them)
  • Alternate pants: full on jeans
  • Ridiculous knee high socks
  • “Fresh white kicks”

  • Goofy hat
  • Cardigan
  • Band tee (loses points for popular band)
  • Ridiculous pants
  • Skull shoes

  • Bear tee
  • Pointless scarf
  • Ridiculous pants
  • Skull shoes (might change for “FWKs”)

So which one do you guys think he should wear? Comment with your pick and/or vote in the poll!

Picking out and photographing his outfits took longer than I’d planned because someone wanted attention…

“The small one is sleeping. You are supposed to play with me now!”



  1. Tie T-Shirt, Jeans, Cardigan, Skull Shoes & Socks [Mom…it’s cold], Adorable Hat & Shades!!

    • He’d be wearing his bear suit outside. The people who are hosting it keep their house really warm. The ugly sweater party was almost unbearable!

  2. I totally vote for the second outfit!!

    And Kipp is totally adorable!

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