Posted by: Colleen | November 5, 2010

Review: Fino Baby Cloth Diaper

In my post for yesterday, you probably noticed that cute vintage VW beetle cloth diaper on my little man. (You did notice it, right???) Well, it is the AI2 cloth diaper I won from a contest on Cuddles and Camo! It’s a Fino Baby diaper, and I got to have it custom made for my little man. I had a bunch of different prints that I could choose from, and I could choose one size or a specific size. Well, of course I chose the one size – with snaps! snaps > Velcro all the way. The Munchkin is growing and growing and growing, and I think one size is how I’m going to go from now on, because he’s starting to grow out of his size small diapers and that just makes me sad. Well, unless I win them in a contest or have some to review. I’ll take free diapers any way I can! 😀 (lol)

When the diaper got here, Stephanie and I were AMAZED at how soft it was. The outside, inside, and soaker are all so freaking soft!! I was excited to use it! I put it in the wash the next day, and put it on S as soon as it was dry. Luckily, that was a Saturday, so I got to see how well it worked first hand.

I have to say I’m puzzled. I know The Munchkin is a big wetter, but it felt like the front of the diaper was wet…like it should have had a cover on it or something. I figured that maybe it was a fluke, and maybe I didn’t prep it right or something, so it got washed again, and I tried it… and the legs leaked. I thought maybe I didn’t put it on tight enough, so into the wash again!* The third time it worked perfectly, and the fourth, and I think from then on it worked pretty well, with only a couple leaks that were probably actually caused by me leaving the diaper on; not a flaw with the diaper!

The diaper isn’t very bulky, despite being an AI2. It’s about as bulky as my pocket diapers, which I like a lot. The elastic around the legs is a little bulky, but it doesn’t look weird under clothes or anything. I just worry that it isn’t tight enough around my little man’s skinny legs. But again, it has worked most of the time, so I guess I’m crazy.

End rating: 3.5 out of 5 hearts.
I’m glad I won this diaper, and like using it, but I don’t think I would recommend parents with skinny legged children buy a whole stash of them. I think chubby legs can totally rock them though. It is a good diaper to have in the rotation either way, and so cute!

*Granted, these wearings were not all right in a row. I use this diaper about 2 times a week.


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