Posted by: Colleen | November 4, 2010


I don’t know what was up with The Munchkin last night. He was super fussy, and formula just didn’t seem to satisfy him. Maybe he wanted juice? I don’t know. I haven’t been giving him that at night because it doesn’t seem to keep him full and he wakes up again really soon. One thing that was nice though, was that he fell asleep more or less on his own. I’ve been trying a modified version of the cry it out thing, where I give him a bottle until he’s like half asleep; to the point where his eyes are closed, but if I pull the bottle out, he only has a little anxiety attack. Then, I put him in his crib and play the magical sea horse of awesomeness (highly recommended!) and leave him be. I go downstairs and watch TV or something, listening to his cries via the baby monitor. If his cries don’t die down in about 10 minutes, I go get him and repeat the bottle process. Usually though, he falls asleep within the 10 minutes, or at least mixes up the cries with little whines, which I allow because that’s him falling asleep.

Anyway, when I got home from work today, we went to the grocery store. I really really needed to go, as I couldn’t even scrounge up food for dinner. Actually, I probably would have had Ramen again, but Kipp was out of food, so I had to go out and pick some up for her. Is it weird that I will go out and get the dog food more willingly than I will to feed myself? Probably.

The Munchkin was good for the whole trip, of course, save for the little bits of time first in the car to the store and on the way back from the store. I don’t know why he cries when he gets in there. He always settles down…maybe he finds something to look at? I don’t know. He slept through most of the time we were at Wegmans, only waking up as I was going through the check out line. I was surprised to find his butt was wet when we got home. At first, I thought his diaper had leaked, but the leg holes of the onesie weren’t wet, and that is kind of impossible if it was the diaper that caused the leak. So, something must have been in the car seat! Ugh, I hope Twilight didn’t pee on it again… I’m having Stephanie wash it tomorrow though, just to be safe.

Stephanie Notes:

  • Bottles: 8:30 (juice), 10:30 (3oz), 3:17 (juice), 4:30 (4oz formula), 5:15 (juice) 5:50 (3oz)
  • Naps from 10:30-11:15 & 1:35-3:00
  • Diapers: 9:15 (w), 11:20 (w), 1:00 (w), 3:10 (w), 4:45 (bm)
  • Tummy time: 4 sessions
  • Neck stretches: 3 times

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