Posted by: Colleen | November 1, 2010

See Ya Later

John left for Afghanistan today. It was the 4th time or so his deployment date got changed. All the emotional ups and downs that come with prepping yourself for the day and not having it come, and then having to do the whole thing over…three times is rough. I ended up taking his leaving really well, but I think it was only because by the time today came, I was more relieved that the whole thing actually happened; as weird as that sounds.

The Munchkin was a very good boy while we hung out in the hanger on post, waiting with John until it was time for him to go. It will be a hard six months or so until he comes home for R&R, but we’ll be ok.

When we got to my mom’s friend  Sue’s house, The Munchkin passed out and only woke up once briefly during the night. It was a long day.

I’m starting this blog so that John (and anyone else, I guess) can keep tabs on how our little man is progressing. We miss you John. See you home soon. ❤


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